Extreme Athletes & Survival Experts – casting closed

Survival Competititon Casting WEBCARD

NOW CASTING NATIONWIDE: Do you have what it takes to SURVIVE in the JUNGLE while competing in an ELITE PHYSICAL COMPETITION?

On this brand new Major Cable Network series, contestants must navigate and conquer Nature’s harshest challenges using quick thinking, lightning reflexes, physical skills and extreme endurance.

This EPIC survival competition will prove who truly has the physical endurance and skills to be crowned the ruler of the JUNGLE!

The Casting Firm is seeking ELITE MALE & FEMALE COMPETITORS

Ex-Military, Survival Experts, Rock Climbers, Olympic Champions, Parkour Masters, Elite Athletes, Base Jumpers, Professional Adventurers, Crossfit Competitors, and more!

If you’re an adrenaline junkie, highly competitive and have a BIG personality – this is the show for you!

The goal is to not just survive the elements, but to master them!


Or email Castings@theCastingFirm.com and include the following:

  •  Name

  • Phone number

  • City

  • A brief bio stating why you have what it takes to win!

 All participants will be compensated and must be legal United States citizens.

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