Chosen Family webcard


Are you and your friends so close you’re like a family?

A High-End Cable network and the Emmy Nominated Casting Firm are seeking a group of best friends with big personalities to STAR in their own series!

Is your circle of friends so tight it’s like you’re related? Are you joined at the hip and finish each other’s sentences? Do you have your own holiday traditions? Do you have a hilarious, scandalous group chat thread with its own name? Are you each other’s emergency contacts? Are these your ride-or-die best friends for life?

Maybe you are childhood soulmates who now live and work in the same city… or you work together, live in the same house or building, are connected by marriage, or just your collective awesomeness!

This new series will follow a close-knit group of friends, and celebrate the family we choose for ourselves! If you have a dynamic group of friends who are your Chosen Family, and these super close relationships transcend genetics, this is the chance for all of you to star in your own show!

To apply online, visit:

Or email and include photos, a contact number, and short paragraph describing your friends and why you need to star in your own show!

** Must be a legal US resident and at least 21 years of age to apply.


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