Single Men & Women – casting closed



Wilshire Studios, Iron Ocean Productions and the Casting Firm are seeking Former Couples who wonder if they should give their relationship another shot!

  • Have you ever questioned if ending a relationship was a huge mistake?
  • Did you break up 3 months ago, 10 years ago, or maybe you even got divorced from each other, and you’re still wondering about your ex?
  • Are you sick of second-guessing yourself about whether or not you’re meant to be together?

This brand new Major Cable Network series will give Former Couples the ultimate opportunity to give their relationship one last chance through a series of social experiments.

What if you had the chance of lifetime to right the wrongs in your relationship? Maybe your breakup was caused by cheating, being too focused on your career, distance, family pressure, or the timing was just off and you feel like you could do it better this time around?

What if you can forgive and forget and give your relationship one LAST CHANCE?

To apply, email the following to: CASTME@THECASTINGFIRM.COM

Email us photos, contact details and share your story. Must be over 21 and a legal US resident to apply.

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